Every year International Childbirth Education Week is celebrated from January 25 – 31. This was started in 2020 as a way to celebrate childbirth educators and their work, as well as talk about the benefits of childbirth education.

The benefits of childbirth education are numerous, though it’s important to realize that every family may have different goals from their childbirth classes. Here are some of the things my students tell me they enjoy about childbirth classes:

  • “Who knew that there were so many options for birth?”
  • Being with other pregnant families. They get a chance to hear what others are doing for aches and pains and it’s just nice to be with someone who “gets it.”
  • “I was surprised to hear what other doctors and midwives were saying that mine wasn’t. I wouldn’t have known that.”
  • “I knew I’d learn about different positions but it was helpful to hear which one to use when and why.”
  • “I was surprised at how active of a participant I was as a father. I thought partners would be sitting on the sides. I now know how to handle labor and feel ready to take on the task. I wasn’t so sure before, lots of folks at work scared me.”
  • “It’s been awhile since I’ve had a baby – I couldn’t believe how much had changed.”
  • “I came with one question: When do I go to the hospital? I left with so much more than that. I also learned how to talk to my doctor and ask questions in a way that got answers.”
  • “I knew I wanted an epidural going in, I appreciated that the teacher showed me how to use a peanut ball for when I had an epidural. I didn’t know I’d be able to do all of those positions even with an epidural. Very useful.”
  • “There was so much information in childbirth class that I expected to be useful. I didn’t know I’d have a cesarean, so even though I didn’t want to hear it during class, I remembered it when I needed it. It also kept my mom calm as she went into the OR with me.”
  • “Three babies in and I had been timing contractions wrong the whole time… I guess the internet isn’t always right.”